Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA

“We are so happy with it, thank you.”

Pacific Fair design manager


This 3-day mural was my first venture into interactive, playable public art for me. I’m thoroughly excited at the possibilities of including moving elements and extending the scale. Passers-by were curious on the abstracted shapes and loved the idea that a swing was to be installed, as I was painting it.

your father’s eyes

Peregian Springs multisports play space, SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA

“The kids absolutely love it.”

Kelly B, Peregian Springs local


With a brief to incorporate themes suitable for all ages and a variety of ball games, this 8-day mural is the centre of a highly used community recreational area. The design centres on adaptability with targets for games woven throughout. A delightfully surprising element of the paint was just how multi-generational the space was. Toddlers, school-aged kids, teens, parents and grandparents all had a chat with me as I worked – and each really considered the space their own. I loved getting to know the neighbourhood, made all the more special by my dad, who lives around the corner, coming out and helping me second-coat some elements <3.

wormhole remix


” I’m passionate about putting curious, abstract art in the paths of people in our communities.”

Alison Mooney

abstract art in public

As a fulltime artist, I love working with clients to create to their ideals. But this piece is not one of those. ‘Wormhole remix’ is, essentially, a sketch from my studio practice, evolved and upsized to fit this beautiful wall I get to paint on. Inspired by an optical illusion involved checkered squares alternating between white and black that seem to move when you look at them long enough, this mural is based on a canvas piece like that I started in the studio. I’m passionate about putting abstract art, not decorative abstract art but curious abstract art in the paths of people in communities. I’m already itching to paint over it with the next design!

colour. movement. curiosity.

Paint moves.

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