Alison Mooney’s ‘tube series’ is an ongoing body of work that engages colour, movement and dimension to lead the mind on a playful adventure.

More details reveal themselves with each interaction.

These multi-layered works offer the experience of a moving puzzle, with colours that pop and refresh. 

Each piece is ultimately designed to inspire fresh energy and movement to a space.

Mooney is represented by commercial galleries in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Toronto and Singapore. Alison has a growing catalogue of public works and studio pieces held in collections in Japan, NZ, Canada, US, the UK, Austria and throughout Australia.

A preview of work currently available – please get in touch for more info.

91.5 X 91.5cm
mixed media on canvas

To purchase, please make contact or enquire with Alison’s representative galleries:

19Karen Contemporary Artspace

Soho Galleries

Art Interiors

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