Alison Mooney is an Australian artist currently based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Her practice explores themes of colour, movement and curiosity, with influences drawn from attitudes of graffiti, activism and sugar pop. Alison’s ongoing series is an invitation for interaction through abstraction.

Each studio piece can have as many as 30 layers before resolution. One decision leads to the next and so on … a slow unfolding.

Her current studio works explore energy, vibrations and the relationship to colour for both. Each piece designed to inspire fresh energy and movement to a space.

Alison has been showing her work publicly since 2009.

She has works held in private collections in Japan, NZ, US, the UK, Canada, Austria and throughout Australia; and in the public collection of the Sunshine Coast Council.
Alison Mooney is represented by:
19 Karen Contemporary Gallery, Gold Coast, AUST;
Soho Galleries, Sydney, AUST;
Art Interiors, Toronto, CANADA