Alison Mooney is an Australian artist currently based in Noosa, QLD.

Her art is energetic: a cartwheel of sorts, moving across the surface. Colours against colours, texture on texture. But her practice is a slow + meditative one.

Each studio piece can have as many as 30 layers before resolution. One decision leads to the next and so on … a slow unfolding.

Her current studio works explore energy, vibrations and the relationship to colour for both. Each piece designed to inspire fresh energy and movement to a space.

Alison has been showing her work publicly since 2009.

She has works held in private collections in Japan, NZ, US, the UK, Austria and throughout Australia; and in the public collection of the Sunshine Coast Council.
Alison Mooney is represented by:
19 Karen Contemporary Gallery, Gold Coast, AUST;
Soho Galleries, Sydney, AUST;
Art Interiors, Toronto, CANADA