Alison Mooney is an Australian artist based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Her current studio work is the result of layered colours, shaped into large tubes that arc off the canvas and into the space beyond.
An exploration of colour theory, dimension and the suggestion of a puzzle or question that has no particular answer.

Alison’s ongoing tube series is an invitation for interaction through abstraction and shares a line of enquiry with her journalist background, ‘there is always more to the story’.

Each piece is ultimately designed to inspire fresh energy and movement to a space.

Alison has been showing her work publicly since 2009.
She has works held in private collections in Japan, NZ, US, the UK, Canada, Austria and throughout Australia; and in the public collection of the Sunshine Coast Council.

Alison Mooney is represented by:
19 Karen Contemporary Gallery, Gold Coast, AUST;
Soho Galleries, Sydney, AUST;
The Artling, Singapore.
Art Interiors, Toronto, CANADA